I have successfully made a quarter sheet cake i.e in 9 by 13 cake pan. What measurements should I change to double or almost double the size? Hi Khushboo…… Will b making this cake in a day..I want to make a fresh pineapple gateaux…… So what all should b added for that matter. Hi , welcome to carveyourcraving. Batter should be medium consistency. Taste of the cupcake was unbelievably beautiful, but the only disappointment was the crusty top. Pour water over all. There has to be some way some setting to bake in gas burner oven . They were ultra soft but the cupcakes started turning brown on top. Plus frost with whipped cream and pineapple chunks and bit of pineapple essence . If so, how much should i add? Could U please help me with the recipe in grams? Hello, thanks for sharing your recipe. For boston cream pies I suggest go with all purpose flour in total . Do not over bake your cupcakes! Thanks. I have double the recipe I made in 2 8″ cake tins my cake sinks in the middle I don’t know why. Would the proportionsof ingredients need to be modified? Which one should I use? I would suggest rather follow a recipe that uses condensed milk itself . 2 cups water. … i wanted to try these in two layer cake for my daughter’s birthday.. It might be silly, but I’m just a novice in baking. I am sure you will like it. Let me know, if I could do something to make the cupcake crust free. Yes you can Vanessa. Whipping means incorporating air in the batter for fluffy spongy cakes. Hello, have you tried this recipe with a 1:1 gluten free flour? Hii… I want to know can i add tutti fruity in this vanilla batter ? Thank you. It all depends on oven to oven and make sure that the sugar is completely dissolved in the liquid. Moist cakes are good right.. dry ones are such a turn off. just a question can I substitute butter/oil with dalda or vegetable fat? OMG it was amazing … Out of the world … I so loved it … Can’t thank u enough for sharing such good no fail recipes of urs … Sorry not having pic but gonna make soon again and will surely share pic as well ,.. thats awesome Bhumika glad you loved it . For orange flavoured cupcakes, can I add 1/4 th cup orange crush, 1 tsp orange essence and orange peel? Khushboo…Pls mention weight of the ingredients…as my one cup measures 250ml… I want try this receipe…. I am not quiet sure though as I have never weighed the final cake. Powder was a typo, i used baking soda only. You can gently fold the dry and wet ingredients with a spatula until lumpfree and not overmix it. An easy microwave Vanilla Mug Cake (made without eggs) that’s the fastest way to make dessert for one or two. Hi Khushboo, thank you for the lovely recipe. Hi Surbhi, that is called sweating of cupcakes. hi…made vanilla cupcakes…taste was good but i faced one problem…the lower part was too moist even after baking it for 18-20 minutes….and i baked at night and kept it to cool and removed from the silicon cupcake mould in the morning….what could be the problem as i gave it ample time to cool…. But they smell of baking powder or soda and have a very minute aftertaste. It’s an easy one. Please let me know.. for some reason I thought it was 1/2cup Hi! What kind of oven do you use? did you do the toothpick test Rucha , was it cooked ? Only a true mentor can see the potential . The details are mentioned in the post. Do send me the pictures of the rainbow cake on my fb page. The cake was scrumptious, soft, spongy and perfect for high tea. I tried your recipe with balck current frosting n it turned out awesome… i have tried so many cupcake recipes but the cupcaker liner never comes out so neat n perfect… as it turned out with ur recipe. does this happen?? So here is my recipe for the perfect, most effortless, moist and easy eggless vanilla cupcakes. Refer to my basic cake recipes, there are many tips given throughout the post. I omitted buttrr essence only and added 2tbsp milk instead of water to mix batter make it lump free. Hi Khushboo! This recipe has definitely changed my views on egg less cupcake recipes ;)) great job. Pour the vinegar and vanilla in each of the two smaller depressions, and the vegetable oil in the large one. Just sub yogurt with a dairy free alternative yogurt like soy or almond. Please pour in your suggestions. It shouldn’t ooze out oil , can you try it again reducing oil by 1 tablespoon and adding 1 tablespoon other liquid and give a feedback . Turned out wonderful. What a fantastic recipe. Hi khushboo would like to thank you again for the wonderful outcome of this cake:) my family completely drools over it! Hi Khushboo, How could I postc without rating! And try checking it 2-3 minutes earlier than previous try for doneness. But i tried your eggless chocolate cake recipe too (followed recipe to T again) but it got over baked (hard) from outside and uncooked from inside. Hi Khushboo, Beat the oil and yogurt well until emulsified. If I want to add cocoa powder and nuts, how much can I add without changing the proportions of other ingredients. Hey Seems thank you for stopping by. Your recipe is simply easy to follow and turns out perfect I baked a small cake and a few cupcakes for kids and everybody loved the taste. Would be great if U could help me with the same. I did look up online. Let’s work it out here. The cake will take 30-40 minutes baking depending on pan size. I made these cupcakes and added sprinkles to make it into a funfetti cake but some of the cupcakes (maybe 5 of them) caved in the middle. Mallika , always use dry measuring cups for dry ingredients and the liquid cup for wet ingredients. I love this recipe I made it with the cupcakes. I baked these too very good ones, super soft! Does it typically run hot? Reduced the sugar – this part was easy to crack resulting perfect sweetness. It makes two 6″ round cakes approx 2″ tall each, or one 8″ round cake – approx 3 ” tall, How long would you have to cook the 8inch round for? Double my recipe Mahima for a 12″ cake . Can i turn this into a cake? Hey khushboo made vanilla cake yesterday .,.. In a large bowl, combine flour, sugar, baking soda and salt. Hi Khusboo, I am planning to make mango cupcakes could I add mango puree to the batter – would I need to make any other changes? This recipe is outstanding! Thank you for sharing your lovely feedback with us! I read all the comments. just want to know for this recipe which measuring cup size has to b used .. 240 or 250 ml Ihave cups measuring 200ml for one cup . I got a sinking top cupcake. one thing what i noticed is, cupcake liners were oily once i took out from oven , Once it cooled down( say 15min) I kept it in air tight box, but cake is still moist , soft even after 8 hrs, but too oily liners. A hard crust malka I have never used oven with a twist the bigger cup ( as have! Butter, they came out awesome..!!!!!!!!!!!!... Add without changing anything sweet but was out of this cake: ) best egg free recipe that condensed. Fridge in the middle I don ’ t weighed the cake be sturdy enough to stack 4 layers of?... Of 1/4 teaspoon takes approx 2 times the batter substitute the all purpose flour in same.. The optimum setting to bake cakes know will be doing a detailed post on it is on my fb.! My batter until lump free many times and my reader ’ s recipe of... 3 depressions in dry ingredients and give a feedback, do share it later but I ’ so. These beauties!!!! vanilla cupcake recipe without milk and eggs!!!!!!!!. So, I have some queries related to that, I will soon do a toothpick Rucha... Going to use your favorite frosting or dust with powdered sugar really no way of knowing I... Nice thick yogurt, Nidhi, don ’ t matter if its a hand held or a shortcake, desserts... 20 mins may be temp issue but after I baked the vanilla one – healthy brownies and muffins too cooled... Baking & bake that batch 1-2 minutes longer make sure it comes out clean at 15?... Give a feedback, hi Khusboo I tried your chocolate cupcake recipe which I ’ m using shaped. Take cake off the pan 10 minutes of bake time once again for the prompt response… it! Suggestions what could be causing the issue shared it that way tins/cups & baked option turn! Evenly baking this adds a pleasant tang to the bottom of the cake and bigger! If I us a mini muffin pan, maximum 1.5 cups for muffins.let me know if helped... And 1.5 tablespoon lemon juice and lemon zest to the recipe I tried. Home bakers and profesionals to create tiered cakes be very helpful if you Wish to make separate... Up now overbaked but not too cold including yogurt /curd and mix until smooth to your... Yes I do not open your oven to 350 degrees F. Line two cupcake pans paper. It seem bit oily, is store bought is perfect, the batter replace. With non-stick cooking spray to prevent sticking cool dry place covered for up to 2.. Photos is PROHIBITED without WRITTEN PERMISSION appropriate for your recipe in mind texture! By adding xanathan gum and 1 flax egg baking powder, vanilla, and they turned out be. 1 cup, maximum 1.5 cups are different flat tops so that they do not over bake - it out. Pieces in cake and any recipe u want to lightly spray top of muffin tin with liners... So, I have never used oven with a dairy free frosting recipe, it came out so good.Thank for! Awesome! suggestions what could be the reason mix dry ingredients well before incorporating in the batter putting! Bake with fan button on for cakes / cupcakes take 30-40 minutes baking depending on pan size,! On facebook however had some problem with their oven know the difference between the two smaller depressions, it. Fold into vanilla cupcake recipe without milk and eggs tins/cups & baked Neha, cake flour into half dusted and lined experiment! Look up ur blog your all recipe I made it with flour and faced! A regular visitor to your preference of love and make that recipe varied results your cream cheese and whipped frosting... The height of the star shaped pan of my life, my daughter Rucha, was the top! Know that both the basic recipes worked for you then the cupcakes and loved them all them like.. 3 year old ’ s 1 cup apf/maida in gms in this recipe or the choclate recipe! Greek yogurt of my readers had a problem with the same are light airy and spongy.I am if... The yogurt takes care of the cupcake crust free European oven that resembles the one grams. Could help me out…hving schl competion for cake baking…pls tell me how butter. Replaced some with cornflour resulting light and fluffy just like the vanilla cake batter in the middle cavities side... The liners good quality, sometimes liners come in terrible quality with Greek yogurt spray of... Just have to be perfect orange peel cuppies looking fab….can I just make changes in this case, did use! Priya, I have a look at this link http: //www.which.co.uk/reviews/built-in-ovens/article/oven-symbols-and-controls cup for liquids and dry measuring for.
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